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Situated midway along the Ningaloo Reef on Western Australia’s Coral Coast is the unique settlement of Coral Bay.

Built on the water’s edge of a beautiful picturesque little bay known as Bill’s Bay, it is surrounded by fringing corals, brilliant white beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Coral Bay is an inviting and stunning contrast to the ochre red earth, limestone and spinifex landscape typically found in the region.

The town settlement appears like an oasis on the water’s edge of Western Australia’s rugged north west coast.  Brilliant white beaches give way to crystal clear turquoise waters teaming with brightly coloured tropical fish.  Exquisite hard corals grow in abundance in the shallow warm waters only a few meters from the shoreline.  The bay is densely packed with delicate coral structures of every imaginable shape and colour all the way to the outer edge of the reef, approximately 2km from shore.

The great diversity of corals and marine life, near perfect weather all year round, crystal clear turquoise waters and brilliant white sand beaches has made Coral Bay  a “MUST DO” destination for both the relaxed and adventure seeking travellers.

Getting to Coral Bay

Coral Bay is 1120km north of Perth and 1354km south of Broome.  The closest town is Exmouth which is 150km to the north. Qantas Link flys 1-2 times daily from Perth to Learmonth airport located 36km south of Exmouth and 115km north of Coral Bay.  Approximate flight time is 2 hours.

From Learmonth airport there are a range of options available to get to Coral Bay. Shuttle bus, private transfer vehicle or hire vehicle options will take approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes travel time.  Scenic charter plane will take approximately 45 minutes travel time and is a great way to view the spectacular Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef from an aerial perspective.

Coral Bay is a 12 – 14 hour drive from Perth past some of Western Australia’s most iconic natural attractions, such as the Pinnacles, Kalbarri and Shark Bay. Allowing 3 days minimum for travelling Perth to Coral Bay via road will give time to visit a couple of the natural attractions of Australia’s Coral Coast along the way, although we would recommend 5 – 7 days to make the most of the journey.

Check out the resource we’ve put together with all of our favourite spots along the coast, for a road trip between Coral Bay and Perth.

Coral Bay Accommodation

Coral Bay has a maximum tourist bedding capacity of approximately 2500, which has been implemented to preserve the surrounding environment.  This can result in accommodation shortages, especially during peak holiday periods and there is no free camping in or around Coral Bay.  We recommend booking accommodation well in advance, please Contact Us if you require assistance.

*Please be aware that the Ningaloo Reef Resort is currently undergoing redevelopment in 2024 & 2025, so accommodation availability may be even more limited than usual.


In Coral Bay, all accommodation and services (supermarket, bakery, restaurants etc) are within walking distance. There are two small supermarkets, souvenir shops, newsagent, and a fuel station along with three restaurants and a Bakery.

A small wind farm has been established which can provide all of Coral Bay’s energy requirements. The town’s  fresh water requirements are supplied by an artesian  water desalination plant due to the unpredictable and small rainfall.

Facilities available include a boat ramp, public BBQ’s and amenities, beachside parking, grassed park with shade shelters.

With a population of approximately 250, medical services are limited to the Coral Bay nursing post with the nearest hospital and police station located in Exmouth (150km north) or Carnarvon (240km south).

Coral Bay Weather

The town is situated along a small band of Western Australia’s coastline which boasts near perfect temperatures all year round.  Far enough north to escape cold winters and far enough south to escape hot tropical summers. Between Autumn and Spring are the most popular times to visit, however Coral Bay can be enjoyed year round! The prevailing south-west winds help keep things cool along the Ningaloo coast over the summer months.

For more information about planning your trip to Coral Bay, see our Plan your trip page