Asho's Gap Cleaning Station is a favourite site for us to visit on tours and so far this season it has been going off!!! Check out this sped up video (regular time 11mins) from the other day 🥰😱🤗

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Ningaloo's Fish Frenzy

Ningaloo's vibrant heart beat strong on our April 8th escape! Everywhere we looked, a kaleidoscope of fish swirled in a mesmerizing underwater ballet.  Surgeonfish, parrotfish, chromis, catfish, and baitfish danced amongst shimmering schools of buffalo bream, sweetlips, fusiliers, and neon damsels.

The excitement continued with encounters of a tawny nurse shark, reef sharks gracefully patrolling the crystal-clear waters, and a porcupine ray gliding effortlessly.  Turtles added a touch of wisdom to the scene, while an octopus displayed its mastery of disguise, can you find it? 
Lionfish, scorpionfish, and batfish showcased the reef's fascinating diversity, alongside cuttlefish, crayfish, and elegant lagoon rays.

Laughter filled the air as we attempted a group photo with the iconic anchor of the Benan wreck.  From the boat, we spotted playful dolphins adding their energy to the vibrant seascape.  But the true highlights were an encounter with a beautiful leopard shark, a goliath grouper hiding amongst a group of sweetlips, an unforgettable swim alongside a graceful manta ray, and even a beautiful striped snake eel. 

See it all here...
Our April 5th Ningaloo 3 night tour was a turtletastic adventure!  Everywhere we turned, these gentle giants glided serenely by, leaving our guests in awe.  But the underwater wonders didn't stop there!  Monocle bream and convict surgeonfish added vibrant splashes of color to the vibrant coral reefs. Trumpetfish played hide-and-seek amongst the coral formations, while a tawny nurse shark patrolled the crystal-clear waters with a sense of purpose.  White-tip reef sharks added an air of excitement, their sleek forms a reminder of the ocean's power.

The beauty extended beyond the fish.  We marveled at brightly colored clams, a testament to the reef's diversity.  A particularly cute couple of harlequin filefish even stole the show with their playful antics.

Our highlight reel wouldn't be complete without showcasing the majesty of the ancient world.  Witness the awe-inspiring sight of huge porite corals, some thousands of years old!  We also encountered a massive marble ray, its graceful movements leaving us breathless.  And the beautiful spotted eagle ray capped off an unforgettable underwater experience.

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Ningaloo unveiled its underwater wonders on our unforgettable 3-night getaway, departing April 2nd. We glided alongside swirling schools of buffalo bream, mesmerized by their synchronized movements. Dazzling convict surgeonfish splashed vibrant colors across the coral reefs, graceful turtles grazed peacefully and curious catfish forges through the sand. Playful tobies darted amongst the coral, while elegant lagoon rays glided effortlessly hugged the ocean floor and sleek white-tip reef sharks patrolling the crystal-clear waters.

Yet again we witnessed the magic of glassy turquoise waters transforming into fiery orange evening skies. 

But the adventure didn't stop there! The highlights were gliding in our tender alongside a playful dolphin and the awe-inspiring sight of an octopus swimming out in open waters rather than hiding in crevices.

Watch some of it for yourself here...
Ningaloo Family Fun: Adventures Under the Sun

Ningaloo magic unfolded for an adventurous family of six on our March 28th escape! From sunrise to sunset, the crystal-clear waters teemed with life. Snorkeling adventures revealed majestic giants –  huge marble and cowtail stingrays gliding effortlessly by. Reef sharks and tawny nurse sharks patrolled the vibrant coral reefs, while loggerhead and green turtles cruised with ancient wisdom.

The excitement didn't stop there!  The family got up close and personal with awe-inspiring tiger sharks and playful dolphins swimming alongside our tender. Calm waters and a sky ablaze with blue and orange provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable adventure.

This Ningaloo escape, captured in this highlight reel, showcases the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure that awaits families on every Ningaloo Reef expedition.  Are you ready to create lasting memories with your loved ones?
Also in the role of Host for our 2024 season is Zara!

"The Ningaloo reef has always been a dream location for me and what
better way to see it than on a liveaboard, experiencing places no one else
gets to see."

Very right Zara, what better way indeed! Zara has come from doing research in Indonesia and working as a kayaking guide in Byron Bay before travelling across Australia in a van to join us on Ningaloo. She loves the peace the ocean creates and is in awe of the diversity and health the Ningaloo has to offer.

You will see Zara both cooking up a feast and enjoying the waterworld with you during a tour. She will love sharing her passion and knowledge of the ocean with you so make sure you pick her brains during your time on board.

Welcome to the team Zara!! 🤩🥳😍
Our 22nd March 5 night Escape was a Shipwreck Soiree!

Our Ningaloo adventure took us on a thrilling journey into the past, shared by a group of wide-eyed divers, visiting a few different ship wrecks teeming with present life and history.  Accessible by diving and snorkeling offered a glimpse into this captivating world for all interests.

But the wrecks weren't the only stars of the show!  Graceful turtles glided past, their ancient wisdom etched on their shells. Tawny nurse sharks and reef sharks patrolled the crystal-clear waters, adding an air of excitement.  The highlight?  Majestic manta rays soared through the glassy surface, their wingspans leaving us breathless.

We sailed across color-changing waters, witnessing a mesmerizing aquatic light show before returning to shore.  This Ningaloo escape, captured in this highlight reel, is a testament to the incredible underwater world hidden beneath the waves.  It's an adventure you won't want to miss!
Did you know that you can swim with Humpback Whales on Ningaloo?

Check out our Humpback Whale Safari Package by clicking the link in the photo below (available August - October) or message our friendly office staff directly for more information on how to add this day tour to your Sail Ningaloo adventure!

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Ningaloo exploded with life on our latest 3 night tour on 19th March. Some superb highlights included a rarely seen shovelnose ray gliding across the sandy bottom. The stunning ballet of swarming buffalo bream, their synchronized movements a breathtaking display of nature's choreography. And hold onto your fins as a curious goliath grouper cruises in for a close-up. Its immense size and inquisitive gaze an unforgettable memory for our crew & guests!

Check it all out for yourself...
Our Ningaloo odyssey, setting sail on March 14th, was pure bliss. Glassy water mirrored the endless blue sky, granting access to the outer reef's wonders. Teeming with colorful fish and vibrant coral formations. The majestic manta rays stole the show, their graceful movements unforgettable.

The magic extended beyond the mantas. We encountered a playful octopus, a master of disguise and movement, exploring its domain. A Spanish Dancer swayed elegantly under the boat's blue spotlight, its frilled appendages mimicking a flamenco dancer.  A tiny miracle unfolded as we observed a baby turtle, just beginning its life's journey, determined to survive in this vibrant world.

The heavens blazed with fiery oranges, painting the horizon in a breathtaking spectacle that perfectly complemented the vibrant colors of the coral reefs below. Later in the trip, dramatic dark clouds rolled in, creating a powerful contrast to the turquoise water. This ever-changing panorama offered stunning views that no painter or photographer could replicate.

This escape, captured in this highlight reel, showcases the unforgettable adventures awaiting on every Ningaloo expedition.
This Goliath grouper surprised us with its curiosity! Normally these gentle giants keep their distance, but this one seemed particularly interested, giving us a close inspection. Seems this diver however wasn't so keen on the up close and personal! The dive guides noises just make the whole video 🤣🤣🤣

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On our recent 8th March 5 night Escape the sunlight danced on the glassy turquoise waters. Turtles glided by our diving and snorkelling guests, sharks were busy being cleaned at the local cleaning station. We encountered masters of disguise – wobbegongs blending with the coral – and dazzling schools of fish – lionfish, convict surgeonfish, and sweetlips. A busy octopus emerged from cleaning his home of sand.

Moray eels peeked from their coral castles, anemonefish danced amongst the stinging tentacles and we swam alongside graceful stingrays. The magic continued after dark. Dives revealed scorpionfish, numbfish, and glowing coral gardens – a breathtaking display in the inky blackness.

Anchored near an emerged sand bar known as Frazer island, we watched a symphony of birds pirouette in the sky, a tranquil scene against the turquoise waters then sailed the colour changing waters of stanley pools.

Ending the days with orange skies and one day saluting the sun with drinks and snacks from the top of a remote sand dune miles from anyone and anywhere.

This Ningaloo escape showcases just a glimpse of the unforgettable memories waiting on every Ningaloo Reef adventure.
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5th March Highlight Reel - The turquoise water sparkled like a million jewels as we descended into an underwater wonderland. Schools of vibrant fish surrounded us – catfish with their whiskered faces, lionfish with their flowing fins, and sweetlips with their plump pouts. But the stars of the show were the gentle giants. We swam alongside giant turtles, sleepy wobbegongs, and marveled at the graceful dance of countless stingrays gliding across the sandy bottom.

The highlight? Witnessing majestic mantas soaring effortlessly through the crystal-clear water.  Speckled skies gave way to fiery sunsets, painting the scene even more magical.  Thanks to the fantastic weather, we ventured further out to the outer reef adding a touch of thrill to the adventure. This underwater experience was truly unforgettable – a kaleidoscope of life under the sun!
28th February Highlight Reel - Setting off the season with the most incredible adventure! The water was crystal clear, teeming with life in every direction. Buffalo bream darted around us, while parrotfish and convict surgeonfish painted the reefs with vibrant colors. Tiny chromis danced in dazzling schools, creating a magical underwater ballet.

But the magic didn't stop there! We glided alongside graceful stingrays, their bodies gliding effortlessly over the sandy bottom. A camouflaged cuttlefish changed colors before our eyes, and a curious octopus might have even peeked out at us with its eight waving tentacles.

The adrenaline rush was real! We saw majestic sharks patrolling their territory, and the sight of manta rays soaring through the water like underwater birds left us speechless.  Above the water, fiery sunrises and sunsets painted the sky in breathtaking hues. Exploring the remains of shipwrecks, remnants of a bygone era now teeming with life, was an experience we'll never forget.

This trip was truly unforgettable with we are sure much more to come from 2024...
💦⛵🐋 Our new Logo draws inspiration from the wonders of Ningaloo Reef, using symbolic reef designs to create a connection with those who share a love for the ocean. The core symbol, Shore Thing sailing through a reef teeming with marine life, reflects Sail Ningaloo’s dedication to preserving these ecosystems and aims to resonate with those who yearn to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Ningaloo Reef 🐢⛵💦

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